Bridging the gap

Program Created by Area 93 Treatment & Facilities Committee

In an effort to help the still struggling alcoholic, we have started a new Bridging The Gap program. This program will match our volunteers, who are sober members of AA, with treatment and facility clients to take them to their first couple of AA meetings once they are discharged from your facility.

What is the purpose?

Statistics show that more than 50% of alcoholic's relapse within just a couple of days of leaving treatment because they don't immediately start attending meetings. Our goal would be to get them to that first meeting within 24 hours of their release from treatment.


How does it work?

Clients who are released from rehabilitation or detox would call our number (424) 284-9322 (BTG-93AA) the week before they will be discharged from treatment.  We will match them with a volunteer who lives in their city or very close by who will take them to at least their first 2 AA meetings.   The volunteer will probably know people at these meetings, so they can introduce the newcomer around and make them feel welcome and comfortable right from the start.

What is provided?

This service will be to take them to AA meetings only, to and from the address they provide us.

If for any reason we do not have a volunteer available in their town or not available at that time, we will make every effort to contact the Central Office in their area and see if they have a volunteer available to help get them to a meeting.

I would like to be part of this program. What do I do?

This program is an effort to help minimize the possibility of relapse after someone has gone through a Rehab / Detox/ Treatment program by matching them up with someone willing to take them to their first meeting or two within 24-48 hours of their return home. As you know, one of the more "slippery" places is the return home and getting to that first meeting before the disease can talk them out of it. This program will not only help them get to that meeting, but also feel comfortable in the meeting, since they did not arrive alone.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. You will be given the requesting person's contact information.




What we expect from our volunteers

1) When you have agreed to meet someone, please call the day they are to return home. It might take several calls before you make contact with them. If this is something you are comfortable with doing, feel free to leave your callback number. Continue to call each day until you make contact with the person. If no contact is made after one week, you may stop calling.

2) Once contact is made, set up a time to take them to a meeting close to where they live. Arrange for a meeting place, either their home or neutral meeting place. Please allow enough time to pick them up and arrive early to the A.A. meeting so you can introduce them around and make them feel comfortable.

3) If they did not feel comfortable at this meeting, then arrange for a second meeting. Ask them what type of meeting they would feel more comfortable in (men's, women's, speaker, book study, etc.) then try to take them to that type of meeting the second time.

4) You should not take anyone else except the person who requested the contact (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc... ) this is for safety reasons. You should always take another A.A. member with you for these same reasons.

5) You are to only take them to AA meetings, as this is a program of Alcoholics Anonymous Area 93. If they want to go to another fellowship, feel free to help them find those meetings around them.

Program Guidelines: Please follow these when making your contact

 1) Men will be paired up with men. Women will be paired up with women. Again, just for safety reasons.

2) You must always take another A.A. member with you, whenever doing a 12th Step call like this.

3) Your commitment ends after the 2nd meeting is done. Feel free to continue to work with this person if you want.

4) Please be respectful with the person. Try to make this first experience with the program a good one. Try to put the attraction into the program. Share with them your experience, strength, and hope about what it has done for you.

5) A.A. does not provide housing, food, clothing, jobs, money, or any other social services. Please do not provide any of these things to the person you make contact with. We do not want to give them the impression that members do this.

6) Try to answer their questions about the A.A. program. Let them know meeting etiquette.

7) Guide them to A.A. Conference-approved literature (i.e., Big Book, Twelve and Twelve, and pamphlets-Questions & Answers About Sponsorship, Problems Other Than Alcohol, Is A.A. For You, A.A. Member Medication and Other Drugs, etc.). Maybe help them find a sponsor at the meeting.

If this sounds like some 12th Step work you would like to do and feel comfortable doing, then proceed with sign up.